Skate Sharpening

Now available at Adventure Cycle. 

Skate Sharpening.

Whether its your hockey skates, or figure skates.  Bring them in and we'll get them ready for the ice.  

Skate Sharpening $10.00

Rusty Skates $13.00

  The revolutionary new FBV® (Flat Bottom V®) patented skate sharpening system from Blackstone® gives you competitive advantages like you’ve never experienced before. Superior endurance. Greater power. Enhanced agility. Better control. These are just a few of the improvements skaters from recreational leagues to the pros are reporting with this new blade sharpening technique. In fact, research conducted by The International Ice Hockey Research Academy at the University of Ottawa, under the direction of Dr. T. Blaine Hoshizaki, supports the benefits players are noticing: “The results in this study definitely confirm that the Blackstone® innovation is easily perceived and recognized by the subjects as having a performance benefit.”