We never set out to be big. We just wanted to make some great bikes. for over 30 years, we've concentrated on doing what we do best—designing and building the kinds of bikes we want to ride. The ones we love to ride.

Turns out, lots of people wanted the same things we did—real-world performance, the kinds of bikes that turn a good day of riding into a great day, period. A few happy Jamis riders became a few more happy Jamis riders and after 30 plus seasons we've quietly become big, a nameplate that gets noticed in the pack and out on the trail. And we did it by building the very best bikes, and letting them speak for us where it counts—in the woods, on the road, on dirt jumps and bike paths and everywhere else you might spin a wheel for fun.

We got noticed because we're cyclists. We're not just product guys, we're not just number crunching accountants and engineers. We're riders. Riders who happen to be product managers, engineers and designers. We're the kids who got turned loose in the toy store, carte blanche. This is what we love and we're lucky we get to share it, spreading the stoke two wheels at a time.


We're proud of our hard work, the time and sweat we've in- vested in technologies like our SST size-specific tubing that guarantee the same perfect ride experience whether you ride a giant-size frame or an extra-petite one; our award win- ning mp3 and mp4 multi-link suspension; the huge r&d in- vestment we've made in our carbon technology and Near- Net molding; our proprietary saddles and custom handlebar bends; the time and care we put into designing kids' bikes. But it's much more than the technology that matters—it's the whole machine. it's performance. it's value. it's how our bikes fit into the big, real-world picture. And not just in one category.

While some manufacturers are known as a road brand or a moun- tain brand or a triathlon brand, we've earned accolades for all bikes, from all over. We've earned Bicycling magazine's coveted editor's Choice award for several cycling categories eight times, with twice as many nominations. We've been Bike of the year in Mountain Bik- ing magazine a half-dozen times. We make Outside magazine's an- nual Buyer's guide—where they recommend just 5 or 6 bikes each year to their readers —so many times we've lost count. We've been listed as a Sport Comfort #1 and #2 Best Buy in a world-famous consumer publication (who won't let their name be used—but its lab-coated staff is known for its exhaustive testing protocols).

And it's not just our hi-tech flagship bikes that garner all the med- als, or the opinions of expert cyclists that are making these calls, either. Our bikes are so good it's obvious to anyone—our everyday machines have even been featured in AARP magazine as a recom- mended buy. google Jamis + any bike category you want, and you'll be avalanched by gushing praise from ordinary cyclists like you, from seasoned vets to weekend riders who've just rediscovered cycling.

We've become a big name the hard way, earning it year by year, one bike at a time. And that's what put us on the map, as we've racked up awards in every bike segment you can imagine—moun- tain bike of the year honors, editor's choice awards in road, comfort and mountain bike categories. Over multiple years, in both cycling enthusiast press and mainstream media. And in competition all over the globe.
And it isn't because we're spending more ad dollars than anyone else—we're just cranking out bikes that are seriously that good.

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